Monday, September 25, 2006

Very good VOR Q&A

The recent posting on the Volvo Ocean Race site where Glenn Bourke answers the critics, is a text book example of a good Q&A. But all things considered it should have been out there a few months ago.

Q&A is PR term for Questions and Answers and it is used as preparation before every major press event. This is where PR firm with a finger on the industry pulse figures out what sort of potential critical questions that will be asked, and together with the client starts writing down the most appropriate answers.

This is also a process where the mapping of potential critical opinion maker’s starts and a plan for how to give them the most relevant information takes shape. This is a very important strategy and should be given full attention.

It’s is rare to put a Q&A out in the public, but the way VOR does it this time is a good move. We are looking forward to Part II of the Bourke Q&A.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Full on round the world

The entries for the round the world races are pouring in at the moment. Yesterday Peter de Ridder announced his first ever VOR project under the Mean Machine umbrella. Is he picking up on the old Whitbread tradition (or ruling AC tradition) where wealthy sailors paid out of their own pocket to race around the world? We think not. Because de Ridder is a business man who has the skills to make a commercially valuable project under the VOR umbrella.

The VOR has certainly gotten a momentum with two entries and more to follow soon over two years to start. Will we see ten boats in 2008?

The Barcelona World Race is also on a role. Today they received their third entry when Dominique Wavre stepped up with Michele Paret as co-skipper. They are the first mixed crew in this double handed adventure round the world.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Two entries ready

Barcelona World Race has just published their Notice of Race. The concept of a double handed round the world race with a high focus on media relations and content management should be attractive to potential sponsors looking to lift their brand.

The possibility of using the Open 60 as a platform both before and after the race to build strong relations to key stakeholders is also a bonus in this concept. Now we are only waiting for the two official entries to be followed by at least eight more. OC Events should have the track record and drive to manage that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The VOR-show has started

Volvo Ocean Race has just launched it's first official entry for the next race. Ericsson Racing Team are ready to follow up their commercial success from the last race and at the same time make sure that their ambitions for a podium place will be a reality.

Glenn Bourke also promises that this first entry will be followed by four more official entries in the coming weeks. I guess this line off news will silence the critics. We are really looking forward to the next race and think that VOR has taken a big step in the right direction.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Corinthian spirit

In a sailing world that is growing more and more professional, it’s great to follow the progress of the Global Ocean Challenge. They have the true Corinthian spirit and will make for a great spring board for those sailors that want to take the dive in to the world where sailing is a full time job. But also for those adventures spirits that wants to get the kick that everyday life can’t provide.

Three teams have signed for the amateur round the world race, Josh and Brian (founders of the race) has put together a sponsor pack to help the sailors in pursuit of corporate money and the event it self are close to announcing their own title sponsor. The regatta is now open for entries.

- We sent an email to the 89 skippers who have contacted us to express interest in racing around the world in the Global Ocean Challenge, and not surprisingly there was an immediate response, says Race Director Josh Hall in a press release.

- Up until this point we have resisted taking entry fees. We wanted the race to be on a firm financial footing before we accepted anyone’s money, but we are very close to a formal announcement on Title Sponsorship and in order to give potential competitors as much time as possible to prepare, we decided to start accepting entries.

Sailors. Sign up.