Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bubbs new move

Nick Bubb has just set up Class 40 Racing after arriving home from his record delivery (32.4 knots on a Class 40) from the Azores. It's an interesting new site for everyone that’s interested in Class 40. Here you can find boats for sale, basic information about the different boats and Bubb is also offering training weekends for the keen sailors.

This service is just what the fast expanding class needs. Just have a look at the forum page on the new website…

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Express 40 - Fifth boat goes to Norway

With five boats on order and boats six and seven provisionally reserved, the Owen Clarke designed production Class 40 Express 40 has proved to be a Global hit. With a competitive base price starting from as little as 132K GBP or 195K Euros this UK/France build collaboration represents serious value.

Sail Ventures Ltd led by offshore racer Paul Metcalf have put together the Express 40 package on the Isle of Wight. SP/Gurit have provided input and technical expertise. Builders from previous Owen Clarke boats Ecover, Hexagon and Spirit of Canada together with people from the Pirates of the Caribbean Volvo Ocean Race campaign and the America's Cup, have been drafted in to ensure a high quality product. The initial boats will be finished by the massively experienced French yard - V1/D2 that specialises in the preparation of the top French Open Class boats.

Though described as a Class 40 “Racer/cruiser” the Express 40 is more of a race boat with optional cruising comforts. Based on the same hull platform as the racing Class 40's, Bollands Mill, Friends of the Earth and Fujifilm, the Express40 is equally designed for serious offshore short-handed campaigns, this is borne out by the current buyers who are planning the GOC, AZAB, OSTAR, 1000 Miles, and the Transat Jacques Vabre next year.

However, as Allen Clarke explains - “Paul has insisted on features that give more consideration to keeping the driver performing 100% – a cuddy for weather protection and a larger, lighter, internal space. These and other features together with her high speed stability make the Express 40 a boat you want to spend some time on even when not racing.” The Express is equipped to a high standard with Harken, Spinlock and Wichard equipment and a Marechal Carbon mast designed by Lorima's Eric Duchemin.

Standard sail choices are Incidences or Express 40 branded sails from a New Zealand loft. For more info,,

No good arguments

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston after losing his wind instrument: - You might consider a withdrawal in any other race but not in the Velux 5 Oceans as you can never tell what is going to happen next. This is such a trial of the stamina of both boat and sailor through the most inhospitable ocean of the world that you know it must be right to press on if you possibly can because if you are having problems, the chances are your contestants are, or will have problems as well, and that can balance things out. It pays to stay in this game if at all possible, regardless of how uncompetitive you might become for a while, because the next stop gives the chance to patch things up and re-start on a more even basis.

The other explanation for not whit drawing would be: He is the owner of the Velux 5 Oceans, two of the three competitive sailors has already whit drawn and yet another would leave only four boats on the race course.

And what about Knox-Johnstons endless complaints about the lack off whiskey? I though we where trying to promote a sport – not a round the world lonesome drinking party. The good old day in ocean racing should be long gone. Honestly.