Saturday, March 18, 2006

From mutiny to good PR

Don’t get me wrong. The video clip from the internal crew meeting on movistar in Ushuaia is a PR disaster for the project and the skipper. The program is in Dutch, but the crew meeting is in English and it starts at 12.52.

The footage should never have left the team inner circle. But the concerns that the crew are putting forward in the meeting is exactly what the press and the audience are talking about; Safety, family and risk management. That’s also some of Volvos core values – at least when it comes to their cars.

Is this race really safe is the key question that springs to mind over and over again. If there had been a clear PR strategy behind the release of the video footage from the meeting it could have been a success. The public could hear the concerns from the worried crew and realized that they are thinking exactly the same thoughts as the armchair sailors.
But please instruct the skipper to express concern about all other things than his own career. It should actually be over after the release of this video.


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